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Wellston Station supports our community and the music scene by bringing stellar artists to Warner Robins. We always compensate musicians and have no preference on genre or style. We’re just into really great music.

To book a show at Wellston Station, send us your electronic press kit (EPK) by completing the form below. For more information, email [email protected].

Electronic Press Kit

Upload your EPK directly to our website and we’ll be in touch. If more than a couple weeks have passed and you haven’t heard anything, feel free to contact us.

We definitely need to hear a couple demos, see a video of a live performance, and receive photos or posters. Your video can be a simple cell phone video—we just want to see your stage presence.

Your EPK can also include:

Upload Your EPK

Fill out this form and upload your EPK (Max file size: 50MB). If you have preferred performance dates, let us know and we will check our calendar. Be sure to include any setup requests and we'll do our best to accommodate you.
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Our venue holds between 100 and 150 people depending on the seating arrangement and includes excellent lighting and sound equipment. We think you’ll enjoy performing on our spacious stage. For more specific technical information, please visit our facilities page.


Why Wellston Station?

Our goal during your show is promoting you as an artist. It’s bringing quality music to our city and supporting the music industry. We offer:

  • A well-equipped stage
  • Spacious greenroom with private bathroom and shower
  • Free food and coffee
  • 50% off beer and wine
  • An audience that’s here to enjoy your music

Warner Robins is a city where diverse groups of people have chosen to settle down, whether they work at Robins Air Force Base or elsewhere. People stay here because it’s a great place to live, and they crave great music like yours.